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Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

About Us

What to expect from your bridal appointment

Ever since we started Coastal Bridal we have been of the belief that genuine customer service is without a doubt the most important thing. To us you are not a number, every bride is individual and unique and we love to hear all of your wedding plans.
From the moment you contact us for an appointment we ensure we get back to you as quickly as possible and this is usually within a few minutes. We find that we are very flexible on appointment times and even take appointments for Sundays! We understand that a lot of people work Monday to Friday so we like to work around you on weekends as much as possible. When you book your appointment with us we will take details such as a mobile number, your wedding date and if possible, how you heard about us.
When you and your bridal party arrive with us, we make sure you are all comfortable, offer you hot or cold drinks and at this point find out more about your wedding and any ideas that you have for dresses. We like to gather at much information at this point as possible so that we can make sure we find styles that you like.
We’ll then talk you through the different designers that we have and explain any options regarding dress alterations, colours etc.
We like you to look through the rails and pick out things that you like and that you don’t like as it helps us to quickly learn about you and realise your vision. We like you to get up close to the dresses, feel the fabrics and inspect the dresses properly. You can pick out some styles to try (as many as you like) and along the way we will also suggest some styles to you.
After this it is time to get started with the trying on! We do like to help you into and out of the dresses as it can be quite a work out for you! Also, if the dresses aren’t the correct size we can use our handy clips to give you a great idea of how it will look when it is the correct size.
We have a podium for you to stand on with a spot light above and a big mirror so you can see yourself in the dresses from all angles and also your bridal party can see you whilst sat in comfort on our sofa and chairs.
We unfortunately do not allow photos to be taken of the dresses in the boutique due to our designers copyright of them. However, we do promise you that you can try on as many of the dresses, as many times as you like! And as we are narrowing down your choices we can revisit your favourites to refresh your memory. We allow a good two hours for every bride so there is plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed.

Once you have found your perfect dress we will take your measurements to send to the designer for them to make your made to order dress. We also pride ourselves on the fact that other than the person who has made your dress, no bare hands will touch it. We handle it with white cotton gloves to ensure it is kept pristine.

We are also proud to offer you free of charge fully insured storage and the essentials like a complementary dress bag. We also allow you to visit us as many times as you like to see your dress while you are either waiting for yours to be made or while thinking of hairstyles and make up ideas.

We operate a 100% no chase policy so you can rest assured that you won’t be bombarded by marketing emails from us and we also do not believe in the hard sell tactics. We believe there is a dress out there for everyone, its just a case of finding it!

We can’t wait to help you find your perfect dress!

Hailey & The Coastal Bridal Team x

Coastal Bridal is a family run bridal boutique nestled in the stunning South Coast of Cornwall. 

At Coastal Bridal we stock a wide range of designer wedding dresses and accessories to suit all brides from designers such as True Bride and Victoria Kay Gowns all at affordable prices. 

​Our samples to try on range in sizes from 8 - 34.

 We pride ourselves on making the experience of choosing your dress relaxed, friendly and stress free. By offering an appointment service, looking after one bridal party at a time, it allows us to spend the time with you ensuring we tend to your every bridal need.